Torque Ventures | We invest in the blockchain projects of the future.
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We invest in the blockchain projects of the future.


We invest in the blockchain projects of the future.


About Us

After working together for the last few years we brought our activities under one brand, Torque Ventures, in a unified effort to help the projects of the future. We have been on the forefront of the blockchain scene since 2017, supporting early stage projects around the world. We provide support to our portfolio projects from our first day of cooperation: media exposure, events and business development. We believe strongly in the principles of decentralization, which ultimately result in a positive social impact.


As part of our investment we come along as advisors. We often find projects with little to no experience when it comes to successfully launching an ICO. Our partners have contributed to hundreds of ICOS and are well versed to give you the advice you need in the interest of both the projects success and its contributors. Part of the success of any ICO is the proper coordination of ICO events, this includes milestones, interviews, cap details, bonuses, allocations and much more. We are able to assist with tokenomics to ensure the best outcome for your token model.


Our vision is to help guide blockchain projects that have solid fundamentals achieve success via our worldwide community of enthusiasts and influencers. With our in-house specialist content and digital marketing team and our community of loyal followers on telegram, twitter, medium and our newsletter, we are able to help get your message out there. Our social media channels are some of the most followed and most engaged in the industry. We believe in building loyal communities.


The most rewarding aspect of our work has come from the relationships we have forged. Through our many endeavors we have collaborated with the most brilliant minds in the industry. The friendships we hold are invaluable and are vital to the success of our business and our projects. The network we have can be taken advantage of to maximize your reach.


Our backing has led to massive value and wealth creation along with groundbreaking achievements in blockchain technologies. Torques continued support allows for projects to achieve maximum success.


The product roadmap should coordinate with funding events. We help communicate with your current followers to help turn the public into curious and avid fans of your project.


With our partners in the secondary markets we’re able to get you the best service providers with close ties to top tier exchanges. A tier one exchange is one of the hardest parts of successfully completing an ICO.





Distributed Alliance is a global entity comprised of high quality funds, academics, researchers and projects – focusing on driving forward the wave of conscious technology: Incubating, providing the network of people/projects/funds and supporting great teams. We believe that resiliency and accessibility of decentralized systems will give control over the world to the people  we just need to facilitate the creation of such systems! That’s why we bring together high quality funds and teams.



NTE provides a broad based and fine-grained database including 1000+ blockchain companies, 1750+ investors, 1250+ funding rounds and 3000+ individuals. They also offer transparent overviews of the core token based investment activities of VC’s, hedge funds, investment banks, corporate investors, angel investors and more.



BitMax is part of global operator of digital asset exchanges for diverse groups of clients from retail to institutions. The trading platform, architected by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans, is designed for reliability and speed of trade execution, and ease of connectivity.


New York Consensus 2018
Seoul Consensys 2018